5 Important Things In The Process Of Building Muscle

Build Muscle

The process of building muscle does not happen in a short time. Muscle growth can take weeks or months. Most people can gain 0.5-1 kg of muscle mass per month.

Muscles will continue to develop along with the weight training you do. This process of building muscle is known as muscle hypertrophy.

Hypertrophy occurs when muscle fibers are damaged or injured. This condition encourages satellite cells on the outside of the muscle fibers to become active.

These cells will try to repair muscle damage. This process will increase muscle fibers so that they are stronger in carrying out strenuous activities in the future.

Hormones are also responsible for building muscles, such as growth hormone. This hormone will trigger the body’s metabolism and help convert protein into amino acids that are useful for building your muscles.

Everyone’s muscle building process takes a different time. This may depend on age, gender, and genetics.

Even so, the process of building muscle takes several weeks or months to see muscle changes from training and proper nutrition.

Important factors that support muscle growth

Basically, 20-30 minutes of weight training done 2-3 times a week is enough to help build muscle.

It’s just that there are several other factors that you should pay attention to to support the muscle building program so that the results are faster.

Here are some factors that you should pay attention to while undergoing muscle building:

1. Adequate Protein Intake

One of the main keys to building muscle is getting enough protein intake.

Protein, which is broken down into amino acids, will be used by your body along with other nutrients to rebuild, strengthen, and thicken muscle fibers.

Your body also needs amino acids to repair and build muscle tissue.

In addition, the types of essential amino acids that come from food, especially leucine, are needed by the body to start the process of building muscles.

2. Consumption of Carbohydrates as an Energy Source

Other nutrients needed for muscle growth are carbohydrates which act as a source of energy.

The source of carbohydrates that we eat will be broken down into glycogen compounds. Glycogen is a stored form of glucose that the body will use as energy.

Glycogen as a reserve energy is needed by the body, including muscles during exercise. When you exercise, the muscles will use the glycogen stored in them as energy.
Glucose in the blood and glycogen stored in the liver can also be used to keep muscles strong.

3. Choose Healthy Fats

When it comes to muscle development, protein is probably the most remembered and associated macronutrient. Of course not without reason, this is because protein contains amino acids which are proven to be able to help build body tissues, including muscles.

However, when it comes to other macronutrients, namely fat, most people immediately associate it with weight gain. In fact, as long as it is consumed as needed and not in excess, all nutrients will carry out their functions and not cause health problems.

According to the American Heart Association, fat intake should make up 25 to 35 percent of total daily calories.

Fat intake can help provide energy that will be used a lot when exercising or other strenuous activities. Fats will also assist the body in absorbing vitamins and promote proper muscle growth.

4. Weight Training

Weight training is an exercise that greatly affects the increase in muscle mass, strength and endurance.

To train the muscles of the body can not be done carelessly. To get good results, the right program is needed so that your goal of getting the desired body muscles can be realized.

It is recommended to do weightlifting exercises in the right way and increase the weight gradually. Do this exercise for several sets and repetitions to get big muscles.

5. Using the Right Supplements

To get maximum results from the muscle building process, the use of supplements is what you should use.

The use of supplements is intended to supplement the nutrients the body needs that cannot be obtained from the food we eat.

Even professional bodybuilders use supplements to support their muscle building process. They use supplements so that the results they get can be faster.

There are various choices of supplements that you can use and are widely circulated in the market. Crazy Bulk is one of the bodybuilding supplement brands that can be your choice.

Crazy Bulk is known as a safe alternative to steroids and has a very good reputation with good feedback from their customers.

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